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      Product details

      Important tips

      Exhibition Name: The 49th Word Medical Forum International Exhibition and Conference

      Date: 13th,Nov. -16th, Nov. 2017
      Hall Number: 7.1
      Booth Number: 71F50-7
      Address: Messe Dusseldorf,Germany


      Fu Ci Kang



      * Rheumatism ru

      * periarthritis of shoulder

      *  lumbar disc herniation

      *Muscle tenden injury

      * Arthritis 

      * Cervical spondylosis and hyperosteogeny

      * Aches and pains caused by dysmenorrheal ,  sprain , contusion and bone injuries



      With the unique design, our hot compress patch is convenient to use, also applicable in summer season.

      With advanced process of heating technology, it can keep the suitable temperature more than 12 hours.

      P recious Chinese medicine in the prescription is classic medicines effective on Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis , activate collaterals to relieve swelling, expelling wind and cold,warm meridians and  tong-mai, and it's partial heat energy can speed up recovery the functional of strained muscles and joints.

      It has stronger  seepage force, more stable temperature,Longer heating period, larger treatment area.

      It is the unique self-heating agent for inflammatory pains that included in the national standards.


      Medical theory:

      It is the obstruction that causes the pain, which is the essence of theory of Chinese medicine. Regarding this point, China pharmaceutical university developed a new medical use hot compress patch FuciKang based on advanced abroad constant temperature heating technology. It is through strengthen rheumatism and the microcirculation  of the bone injuries area, promote local metabolism , the Collateral  and nerve will be unobstructed, complement ary   nutrients and heat energy, eliminate the affected part, achieving unobstruction without pains, speed up recovery. It can Warming and activating meridian ,  Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis  , expelling wind and cold, relieve swelling and pain, help patients back to good health.



      •  Tear the outer bag and take out the inner bag, gently pinch or shake a few minutes, it will be gradually emit heat. When you feel the inner bag is hot, gently flatten the patch to discharge the air. Affix the colored surface to the skin, fixed to the pain area . The p atch temperature will gradually increase to the physical therapy temperature and will be kept at a uniform temperature after one hour. Change a new piece once it losts its heat . Sustained usage will be much more better effect. Do a slight massage on the treatment area when use is also better for the treatment. It is a normal phenomenon if there is material lump of the inner bag, you can knead the lump and continues to use the patch until it doesn't emit heat any more.

      2.The temperature will increase after 1 hour, especially in case of better insulation and less heat dissipation(Such as summer or sleeping), you'd better move the patch at treatment area and wipe the sweat in time, which is conductive to sweating continually.

      3. In order to protect the skin from burn, it is necessary to put a cloth between the patch and skin if you feel much too hot. If feel hot energy is not enough after one hour treatment, you can pierce dozens of tiny holes with a needle on the colorless side of the patch. More holes, higher temperature(This approach is adopt only after the above situations is confirmed).


      Recommended dosage(Please follow the doctor's advice)

      Rheumatism ru / Arthritis /P eriarthritis of shoulder : 10 pieces in general. 20 pieces in severe cases .

      L umbar disc herniation / Cervical spondylosis : 20 pieces in general. 30 pieces in severe cases .

      S prain , contusion and bone injuries : 3 pieces in general. 7 pieces in severe cases .

      D ysmenorrhea : One piece each time when being uncomfortable.

      Patch size : 9cm*10cm

      Packing : 1 piece in one bag

            8 bags into one box

          50 boxes in one carton



      •  Children must be under the guardianship of adults use

      •  Please note that the products can not be too hot, especially when sleeping, stop from burn

      •  In order to protect the product exposed to air lost it's function, Don't damage the outer packing if not use.

      •  Prohibition oral administration

      •  Store the product in dark and cool place.


      Contraindication :

      1.It shall not be used for infants, patients with dementia, or people who have a fever,burns,scalds,scratches or allergies etc.

      2. It shall not be used for patients implanted with a heart pacemaker or a metal foreign body on a body part.

      3.It shall not be used for patients with a severe heart,liver,lung or kidney failure.

      4. It shall not be used for patients who are bleeding or have bleeding tendency.


      Storage: Store in shade, cool and dry place.   

      Expiry date: 2 years

      Manufacturer: Anhui Huike Bio-engineering Technology Co.,Ltd



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